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Crossbody Stylish Cell Phone Bag with 3 Zipper Pockets


Minaudière Patent Wooden Hard-cased Clutch


Blue Latex Water Resistant Fancy Handbag


3 Piece Stylish Composite Cross Body Bag Set


Fancy Circular Glossy Leather Handbag


Glen Stripes Fashion Crossbody Formal Bag


Fancy Stone Pattern PU Leather Round Bag


Fancy Velvet Ladies Handbag with Chains


Baellerry Luxury PU Leather Women Mobile Phone Wallet


Luxury PU Leather Round Cross Body Bag


Orange Stylish Cross Body Bag with Soft Fur Handle


Crossbody Bags for Ladies

Crossbody bags are the ones which you normally sling across your shoulders. They are relatively smaller as compared to usual tote bags but are pretty popular among young girls and women who only want to carry phone, cash and some small make up items. These bags are very popular in Pakistan specially among young girls who are influenced by social media personalities which are regularly seen carrying cross body bags as a fashion statement. Long shoulder straps, flap and zipper closures and bright contrast colours are usually a go-to design for the university going girls. Whether you carry it with casual shalwar kameez or western attire like jeans and tights they compliment each style well. They are easier to carry and don’t burden your shoulders while completing your fashion look.
Here at a usual question from our customers always revolves around the size of the bag. While selecting messenger bags some prefer it small and just enough to fit their phone while others want it a little larger in size so they can carry their make up items or cash as well.
The second consideration is the material of the bag. Some want to go for solid PU leather while others don’t care and are just concerned with the look and style. In similar way, some prefers metal chains while other go with leather shoulder straps which are more comfortable and easy on the shoulders.
Size, material and style always comes down to personal preference. We usually recommend that you you go with the style you are comfortable with whether you are looking for a casual look or going for a party style fashion. Here at we have all sizes, colours and styles so go ahead and shop now.