Trendy Shirts and Pakistani Kurti Designs for Girls & Ladies

Fun Solution to long run Warm Summer

Printed Lawn Kurtis & Shirts

Never out of trend fashion with light and colorful tops to keep things cool. Shirts range from abstract print, plain print, polka dot & digital prints. Compliment with stretchable body fit denim leggings or pants or with plain fabric trousers. Premium quality lawn gives you cohesive cool look with more light summer color variations.

Warm & Cozy Feel in Cool Winter

Printed Khaddar & Linen Shirts

When it comes to seasonal female wears, winter must include printed or embroidered khaddar and linen shirts. Khaddar fabric is a true value added item as it will improve your experience with every wash. But when you want to have more flexible lawn like light feel with core aim to stay warm then linen shirts and Kurtis are your must have.

When Every Thread Matters

Embroidered Shirts

When you put your weight for some heavy stuff then embroidered shirts with variations of neckline embroidery, back embroidery, sleeves embroidery and full shirt embroidery is your fashion statement. Embroidery designs vary region to region whether it is KPK contrast thread, Balochi matching neckline and sleeves works, Sindhi patchwork or computerised pattern embroidery of Punjab, all add fancy and heavy count in your wardrobe.

Delight Red Balochi Fusion Embroidered Linen Kurti


Heavy Embroidered Gold Thread Work Denim Kurti


Heavy Embroidered Silver Thread Work Denim Frock


Yellow Allover Balochi Hand Embroidered Cotton Kurti

Blend of Modernity with Tradition

Embroidered Denim Shirt

Globalization brings fashion trends from all around the world; Pakistani vogue is not an exception. Pakistani designer continuously and rigorously create fusion fashion by keeping cultural values intact. If you love to experiment then embroidered denim shirt is your style mantra, including variations of gold thread, white thread embroidery work on standard blue denim or black denim shirts or frocks.

Casual Looks With Own Unique Flavor

Check Shirts

Only fun lovers can make summer a fun time with check tops. Check shirts cannot be categorized as there is no limit to geometrical patterns and color combinations. Pair up with cool jeans and flats to give eye pleasant look. 

Attract More with More Openness


You cannot ask for more when long frock goes with plain tights, pajama or denim leggings. But with increasing work on bottoms and design options frocks can also be found in short length. Short frocks are in-between solution when you don’t want to carry long length but also don’t want to compromise your love of frocks flower like opening.

Digital Printed Floral Texture Fancy Kurti


Green Polka Dot Kurti


Red and Black Platted Frock Kurti


Yellow Kurti With Elasticated Waist Belt

Too Heavy and Fancy on Others

Viscose Shirts

Viscose is a durable lightweight lustrous fabric option for frosty winters. You can experiment viscose with pigment print or laser cut pattern. Usually this thick fabric paired goes well traditional same fabric trousers, either in same designed fabric or in plain matching tone.

Light Fabric Giving More Pleasant Experience

Chiffon Shirts

Chiffon is a see through light weight option at least in 3 seasons and can be paired up with pants, tights or trousers. Light tone embroidered chiffon shirts are the most pleasant delicacy of summer.

Giving Slim, Sleek and Lustrous Sense

Silk Shirts

Embroidered Silk is a proper fancy event dress. Mostly come in 2 piece set and is made of breathable polyester. Silk gives you sleek, slim and lustrous look.  It produces shimmering optical effect due to its light reflection properties. You will never go unnoticed with silky attire!

When You Can’t Miss Comfort of Cotton

Cotton Digital Printed Shirts

Pakistani cotton made ups are 4 season favorites for everyone. Cotton gives you reasonable price options and virtually unlimited color variations due to local production. Digital printed or pigment paste printing gives you modern, cohesive fabric feel and comfort. Polka dot print or bush print shirts along with jeans are inevitable pair of selection for any fashion enthusiast.