A Complete Guide to Minimalist Fashion

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One of the most understood and misinterpreted concept in fashion. Minimalist fashion doesn’t mean less design, less colors or less complimentary fashion. It is defined by one simple key rule; keep thing simple and as per your needs. It is about correct, effective and to the point arrangement of your fashion aesthetic and your closet. Minimalism is the opposite of marketing driven consumer economy.

The main aim for a true minimalist is to set things around their lifestyle and habits. Minimalist fashion is to keep right things for the right mood. Here is a fun fact that normal people only use 20% of their wardrobe regularly. Hence remaining 80% of our purchases are either stuck in closet or very few we kept for special events. Minimalist approach shows your efficient spending habits and create less environmental impact.

Here is your simple to do guide for minimalist fashion. But first, let’s have a look at key benefits of being minimalist:

The benefits of Minimalism

Big Cash Savings

By being to the point, you can become a super saver. You can avoid unnecessary sales and promotions and you are no more stuck with unwanted purchase. This saving can be utilised for better and important causes.

Less Environmental Impact

One shirt of cotton took 2700 liter of water. Now you can manipulate and calculate how big environmental crisis can be averted, if we buy sensibly and to the point. From another aspect, if you buy less then disposable will also be less. Therefore, this approach can save water, natural resources and the environment.

Ease of choice

Normally whenever we open our closet for what to wear for today; we feel stuck with choices and combinations. Having to the point items can create ease in choice and less stress in life. By opting a minimalist lifestyle, we can throw out what we don’t need in order to focus on what we need the most.

More Available Space in Closet

Usually, our closet and store rooms got piled up with unwanted clothes and are cluttered with non-seasonal pieces. Therefore, by using minimalist fashion we can save big space for more items and can have more organised and well decorated place to live.

How to be a minimalist

Choose Universal; one fit for all

Try to mix your collection with one fit for all types of clothing items. Like you can serve one pair of jeans with many types of shirts, kurtis, t-shirts, frocks and tops. Similarly check or plain uni-color shirts can be combined with plain trousers, leggings and denim tights. Therefore, be imaginative while making pairs. Our tops and bottom collection can help you make your own pair at lowest guaranteed price.

Wear organic & natural clothes

Due to consumerism the consumption of man-made artificial fiber has increased. These artificial fibers includes polyester micro fibers which actually are plastic. With every wash we are dumping more micro fibers into drainage system, hence polluting our motherland. Therefore, try to have closet full of organic clothes like made of 100% cotton. You must get back to basics. Try to prefer dry clean wherever possible, to save and preserve water.

Shop four season items

Try to adopt four seasonal approach in shopping. Organic clothes have more adaptability with weather conditions than artificial fibers. You will feel, pure cotton behave warm in winter and cool in hot summer. Minimalism is a way to put a stop to the habit of over-consumption.

Avoid Out of Season Sales & Promotions

Mostly we get caught up with seasonal sales and promotions, which at the end force us to buy seasonal clothes. Therefore, keep yourself de-attached with those heavy promotions. Only buy on need basis not on promotion basis.

So whats holding you back? Go find minimalist and real discount value purposed collection here at It is your turn now to get rid of excessive stock and focus on essentials. Design your simple life here and stay sharp, fit and happy.

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