Top 10 Materials For Making Women Handbags

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Women handbags were considered a piece of luxury and fashion statement but that is not the case anymore. Now women’s bags are the most important item of their daily routine. Now a days bags are more of a utility than a mere fashion accessory to carry. Therefore, the demands are changing and people are looking for more spacious, more robust material and quality stitch for long lasting utility.

Material of the bag is one of the important decisions that needs to be made when looking for a handbag. Some materials like leather may look fancy and luxurious but its design and color variations are usually limited as compared to other materials. Longevity of the bags is also one of the factor which plays an important role when selecting a bag because useful life of a bag depends on type of material. Different materials have different properties. Some materials are more economical but has rapid wear & tear. On the other hand some materials are more environment friendly, some are water & environment resistant and some are more performance oriented. Therefore, choice of material should depend upon need and usage of bag.

We have specially created this article to discuss the materials of the bags so you can have an idea of composition of different materials when looking for a bag.

  1. Pure Leather

It is one of the oldest and most reliable and natural material which Is commonly used in bags, shoes and making of fashion accessories. Pure leather or genuine leather comes from different tough skin animals like from cow, bull, crocodile, sheep, deer and other like animals. Leather is the popular and sustainable material which is used in handbags or shoes making but due to scarcity of resources and animal protection movements it has become expensive. Further, original leather items have high & continuous maintenance cost. But they have slow corrosion and less wear & tear and hence more long lasting in nature. Leather gives a fancy and luxurious feel and can last longer than other materials. Though expensive as compared to other materials, it still remains one of the most popular choice when it comes to bag materials.

  1. Faux or PU Leather

To meet the worldwide commercial demand of bags, artificial leather was introduced during first industrial revolution. Artificial leather is made with blend of original leather and sometime purely with artificial material like synthetic fibres or polyester. Faux leather is solid, more resistant, comes in more variety and variations and is relatively cheaper in price. It is though more vulnerable to rapid wear & tear in comparison to pure leather. Because of its artificial nature faux leather is available in variety of colors which gives it an advantage over leather and it has become a popular choice for women’s handbags.

  1. Rexine Bags

Rexine bags are made of pure artificial materials like polyester and sometime mix with canvass or sheet material inside for double layer setup. Most water proof bags comes in Rexine due to its water resistant nature. Polyester gives these bags more shiny & lustrous look.

  1. Canvas Bag

These fabric made bags are easier to carry and are mostly used for daily routine and with casual attire. Canvas bags comes in denim, parachute, jute and fleece etc. These convenience bags mostly used by youngsters for their daily routine like going to college, travelling and shopping etc. Drawstring bags are the most popular type of canvas bag. Canvas bags are easy to clean, washable and are lightweight.

  1. Polyester Bags

Polyester is the biggest beneficiary of commercialisation due to their low manufacturing cost and more versatility. Parachute bags are the most popular form of polyester bags. Polyester bags are highly water resistant & have the most color and design variations. Draw string bags and back packs are the most popular form of polyester bags.

  1. Denim Bags

One of the most environment friendly solution trending in recent times is use of denim fabric bags. These bags specifically are very popular in university or college going youngsters. Denim bags can be found mostly in backpack style.

  1. Jute Bags

This is highly sustainable environment friendly material to be use in utility bags manufacturing, home textiles and in industrials bags. This is made of raw thick yarn, which then weaved across with high spacing in between. Jute is highly breathable, really recommended for hot weather conditions and have least water resistance. Jute bags can be seen as tote bags for shopping and as bag pack for students.

  1. Woven & Non-Woven Bags

This specific material got really popular especially after wake of environment protection movements. Activists, bodies, associations and Governments are discouraging use of polythene bags due to their irreversible environmental impact. Therefore, they are encouraging reusable solutions for day to day activities. Non-Woven bags are mostly used as shopping bags or as tote bags. Now big brands are also using these re-usable non-woven bags for their sustainability branding.

  1. Nylon Synthetic Rubber

For more high performance activities like gym, sports & extensive travelling. This is the most popular form of bags material. Fabrics made of Nylon or Synthetic Rubbers are highly strong, have high flexibility and more water resistance. Like any other organic material, rubber is in scare supply. Therefore, we mostly see artificial rubber in commercial usage.

  1. Mesh

Mesh bags are sometime called as net bags as well. Material wise mesh can be made of polyester, plastic or canvass cotton. It is a highly breathable bag material, which is mostly used for outdoor activities like beach parties or some easy grocery shopping. With some rigid plastic composition these can be use as tote bags for daily or heavy grocery.

  1. Card Board Bags

These bags are made of hard or soft card board. These are mostly use for hand bags or clutches. These small bags come with velvet, jacquard or jute upholstery; which gives them the fanciest look and luxury feel. The biggest use of these bags can be seen as bridal handbag with beetle work.

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