Women’s Pants, Trousers and Leggings Ideas for Every Occasion

womens bottom wears

With evolution of fashion industry and influence of media, the approach for style is getting bold, innovative and smart. Choosing outfits and pairing with right accessories are more of an art now. Your attire defines you. No part of your outfit is negotiable; your top, bottom, shoes or even minor accessories like even mobile covers/casings.

Here we share with you all in one exclusive guide for perfect bottoms for your outfits:

Multi-purpose one pair for all kind of tops

Standard Denim Leggings

Denim leggings are the new normal for teen girls and ladies in their twenties. This is your quick and smart take on “one fit for all” kind of situation. Denim leggings can be in acrylic stretch or can be of cotton denim. Virtually, these standard blue or black jeans leggings goes well with anything, whether it is long shirt, short shirt, embroidered or printed shirts, check shirts or frocks and even with abayas. Leggings are mostly preferred in tight fit instead of loose fit. Denim tights can be found in solid blue, black, skin color or tampered blue with shades. Denim tights comes in both ankle high or high waist.

Red Checkered Stretchable Leggings


Pilable Velvet Burgundy Striped Warm Leggings


Black Side Striped Stretchable Denim Leggings


Skin Brown Checkered Stretchable Leggings

Modern perspective to boring pants

Digital Printed Denim

When you are going bold and strong and want to make an impression then these digitally printed tights and denim leggings are a must have for you. Digital printed leggings have stretch, shapes, color mix, bold layout and everything that can make your fashion stand out. Stay ahead, with these trendy digital printed pants. These are usually made of acrylic mix denim or terry mix denim and gives tight and smart look.

Keeping legs warm and moving

Winter Pants

Winter pants come in terry, fleece and thick denim. Mostly categorized under lounge wears but if paired sensibly then they can be used for winter outings as well. Winter pants also includes body warmer leggings made of wool material to keep legs warm. If you want to jazz up a bit then variations can include baggy series, slim fit or high rise pants.

When tradition mixing things up


Coming again to traditional mix up attire these Chikankari trousers can take things from casual & semi formal to fancy. Usually these all over embroidered with matching thread and can also be found in contrast thread. These are mostly used for events, fancy occasions and are usually paired with matching heavy shirts.

Giving vintage fashion new twist


In old times flappers were used as loose fit bottoms but now you can find flappers with slim fit thighs and flower opening loose fit opening. These can be mixed up with Chikankari lace, multi fold layout, piping and solid patch stripes. For more elite approach go with shore skirt and high rise flapper.

Net or Lace Trousers

These are plain yet trendy and modern bottom wears.  Net trousers are generally made of heavy or thick laces and give more airy, comfortable and delicate look as compared to a plain silk, khaddar or cotton trousers. These laces may vary between embroidered variations to net laces and mostly compliment or match with laces on shirts and frocks.

Ever green plain Regular Fit Trousers

When you want to keep things simple and eastern this is your best choice. Plain cotton trousers in black and white can easily pair with any kind of tops irrespective of seasonal changes. Normally plain cotton trousers come in blend fabric and regular fit size to give you classic and comfortable look.

Value proposition to plain tops

Embroidered loose fit PC trousers

A reverse and improvised approach to plain trouser & printed shirt. These range from simple embroidery on foot opening to thigh high embroidery. Usually used to compliment plain abayas and simple plain shirts. If you are going with traditional plain Sandles or Khussa then this bottom embroidery work can enhance your outlook. These trousers are generally made of PC mix solid fabric and are recommended for all seasons.