How to Select Perfect Ladies Bag For Everyday Needs

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Due to hectic life style and digital occupancy with gadgets and life essentials, carrying bags or some storage space along is not the luxury or just a fashion anymore. Specially for women; whether she is a mother, working lady or college going girl, carrying some utility items like cash, wipes, make up and mobile accessories is part of life now.

Therefore, selection of right and perfect bag for all kinds of outdoor requirements is more than just a fashion statement. But being in Pakistan, it is not easy to find best quality multipurpose women bags for all kinds of events and for all kinds of day to day requirements.

Here is your complete bag selection guide; which will provide complete information to select right bags for the right occasion:

Define the Need

The first and most important step is to define your need by asking some basic questions like what type of bag you need, what to carry, where to carry and how to carry? Needs for women bags depends on user and where it is going to be used. This need definition can be divide into two main categories; value added needs or functional needs. If bag is to be carried as just a fashion statement, then it must be fancy looking and of unique nature with little functionality or capacity.

But on the other hand, bag selection can be of a mere functional nature, where it is meant for utility, ease and purposefulness. Like for mother of infant kids needs can be; to carry baby essentials, diapers, medicine, wipes along with own stuff. Hence it requires more capacity and ease to carry weight along with carrying baby. On the other hand, for working ladies’ bags can be for style statement, professional carry along with some make up accessories. Hence, they require more elegant, compact and anti-theft bags. Similarly for college of university going girls, requirement can be to carry study material along with some utility items. Hence, requirement can be of back pack, cross body, large capacity, multi compartment and smart to carry.

Find Suitable Women’s Bag Type

Now that you have defined your need, purpose and usage, it is time to link your need with availability of options. We here at Zamani, have made things easy for you by arranging biggest imported women bags collection for every purpose and for every need. If you are looking for functional bags; then you have to focus more on hybrid purpose bags. Like hand and carry bags with multi compartment facilities, high capacity and easy comfortable carry. On the other side, if you are looking for pouch and hand carry for safe portability of mobile, accessories and quick cash, then we recommend clutch and small shoulder bags with zipper or top magnetic lock closure. For fancy event usage or as fashion accessory, then we recommend leather or velvet bags, decorated with quilted stitch, tassels, beetle, ornaments or embroidery. 

Another deciding factor while choosing bag is its material. Bags can be made of organic and natural material like leather, cotton or non-woven fabric bags. Ladies’ bags are mostly found in faux or artificial leather, rexine, canvass and synthetic materials. Choice of material decides longevity and repeated usability along with environmental impact. Organic materials are highly nature friendly with long lasting characters, but they have limited production, usage and availability due to scarcity of resources. On the other hand, artificial synthetic made bags have more design with less cost options due to large scale production and consumer demand. 

Hollow Out Fashion 3 Piece Handbag Set With Metallic Handle


Fancy Hollowed-Out 2 Piece Pink Tote Women Handbag


Make Smart Decisions Right Preferences

Buying the right bag now at this stage seems quite easy, as we have sorted and linked our need with right type of bags. But yet there are more factors to come which when combined enable us to make smart decision. Other factors may include price, material, capacity, modernity, convenience, functionality and sustainability. An optimal option should have to be a combination of all. If a product feels less in price and have very limited usage while need is multi purposed, then saving few pennies can stuck your choice. On the other hand, buying large capacity or fancy items for day to day or tough usage can’t help you either.

That’s why we recommend these three steps for making right, cost effective and smart decision. While you are here looking for the ladies bags, do check our collection here at

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